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Romano Giannetti romano at
Fri Sep 16 15:05:46 CEST 2022

On 16/09/2022 12:30, Frank Mittelbach wrote:
> Don't know the ubuntu setup, but I would assume you can make updates 
> to TL via tlmgr there too, either for individual packages or for all 
> and everything.
I do not know if it changed in 22.04, but no --- you can't use tlmgr in 
Ubuntu. TeXLive is packaged in apt, and you have to stick to what they 
decide is going into the upgrades  or add things to your local texmf 
tree. Updates are rare, they stick to a strict "fixes only and only if 
you have a regression test suite" policy normally; 20.04 had a TeXLive 
2019 setup I think till last month.

I am not sure 100% because I switched to install a basic TeXLive with 
apt (to avoid dependency problems) and using a portable TeXLive in my 
home directory.


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