latexindent on ctan: hopeful restructuring

Karl Berry karl at
Wed Oct 26 00:45:30 CEST 2022

Hi Max,

    This seems to be the case for latexindent too, at least on my system.

Yes. But unfortunately that's not a problem we can solve. We can't start
distributing every Perl module that every script needs -- we are not an
operating system. Nor can we distribute bundled binaries for things that
are really scripts (in my experience, they run on far fewer systems,
among other problems). So it has to be up to the user to install the
modules needed for third-party scripts.

For TL's own scripts (tlmgr and the like) we do our best not to require
anything that is not part of the core Perl distribution (not that hard
to do). As I said at the outset, biber is a singular case and I really
don't want there to be a second such.

Chris: by all means, it is fine and good to have the binaries on CTAN,
so users have a chance of finding them if they want them, but as you
say, I won't be including them in TL (except for Windows, which is
already its own special case in every way). Sorry. --best, karl.

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