latexindent on ctan: hopeful restructuring

Chris Hughes at
Mon Oct 31 09:00:00 CET 2022

Hi Karl and team,
Just to say that I've uploaded v3.19 of latexindent which contains a new
dedicated bin directory.

There are two new files within it: a binary for Linux and a binary for

The Windows binary, latexindent.exe, is also in there. So, there may be an
adjustment to the texlive scripts to accommodate this.

I hope this sounds OK. Let me know if I can provide any further information.


On Tue, 25 Oct 2022, 23:45 Karl Berry, <karl at> wrote:

> Hi Max,
>     This seems to be the case for latexindent too, at least on my system.
> Yes. But unfortunately that's not a problem we can solve. We can't start
> distributing every Perl module that every script needs -- we are not an
> operating system. Nor can we distribute bundled binaries for things that
> are really scripts (in my experience, they run on far fewer systems,
> among other problems). So it has to be up to the user to install the
> modules needed for third-party scripts.
> For TL's own scripts (tlmgr and the like) we do our best not to require
> anything that is not part of the core Perl distribution (not that hard
> to do). As I said at the outset, biber is a singular case and I really
> don't want there to be a second such.
> Chris: by all means, it is fine and good to have the binaries on CTAN,
> so users have a chance of finding them if they want them, but as you
> say, I won't be including them in TL (except for Windows, which is
> already its own special case in every way). Sorry. --best, karl.
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