Packaging of a standalone program (Digestif)

Karl Berry karl at
Thu Nov 17 23:17:03 CET 2022

Hi Augusto,

Interesting. Apart from all else, would you like to write an article for
TUGboat about it? (Info:

    Therefore I'm writing to ask how I should organize my CTAN submission to
    make sure everything works smoothly.  

Usually nothing special is required, but your package is unusual, so
thanks for asking.

    then TeXLive would still have to decide where to place the files in
    its own directory structure 

Indeed. And in your case, that is not obvious to me.
Are the contents of all the subdirectories required at runtime?
Are the subdirectories themselves required?

Is bin/digestif the only thing that needs to wind up in TL's bin/* dirs?
I hope so.

Maybe the best would be for you to tell me what the installed structure
should be.  (Offline is fine, no need to burden the list with every

Also, looking at the repo, I see one stopper right away: the files are
named generically, such as "config.lua" and "bibtex.lua". All files that
end up in TL's runtime must be uniquely named, typically with some
version of the package name as a prefix. For example, "dgsf-config.lua"
and "dgsf-bibtex.lua". Hope that won't be a problem for you.

    and make sure the executable script
    works as intended in all platforms.

FYI, I don't typically test anything myself (utterly infeasible :).
I install things to the best of my abilities and if I mess up,
authors/users usually inform me pretty quickly.

    Or perhaps you are able to pull the code directly from LuaRocks, so
    that I don't need to submit the program to CTAN?

Reasonable idea, but I have no infrastructure to work with LuaRocks.
Must go through CTAN. --thanks again, karl.

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