Packaging of a standalone program (Digestif)

Augusto Stoffel arstoffel at
Thu Nov 17 16:29:26 CET 2022


I would like to distribute a standalone Lua program through TeXLive:
Digestif, a language server for TeX (available at  It's written in Lua and has no
dependencies other than the texlua interpreter, which should make
packaging relatively straightforward.

Following the CTAN submission instructions, I would simply put all
relevant files in a zip archive following the directory structure of my
Git repo.  But then TeXLive would still have to decide where to place
the files in its own directory structure and make sure the executable
script works as intended in all platforms.

Therefore I'm writing to ask how I should organize my CTAN submission to
make sure everything works smoothly.  In case that helps, the program is
already available on LuaRocks and I can provide a rockspec file.

Or perhaps you are able to pull the code directly from LuaRocks, so that
I don't need to submit the program to CTAN?


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