SIAM packages

Boris Veytsman borisv at
Wed Nov 2 18:17:45 CET 2022

CD> From: Christopher Dimech <dimech at>
CD> Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2022 09:15:28 +0100

CD> That said, I disapprove with much of the ideas and work of the TeX User Groups
CD> Committee Members, particularly those in the UK. 

CD> Whilst they ask us for discussions, assistance and help, their invitations
CD> are most commonly dishonest as they are not really interested in what we say
CD> but only in propagating their point of view and way of doing things.

Christopher, as the President of TeX Users Group I am very sorry to
hear this.  I do not remeber an input from you, but if I missed it
somehow, I apologize.  I am sure all Board members are very receptive
to the voice of the community, and would be glad to hear any ideas,
criticism and suggestions.

Please let me know what can I do to convince you in our good faith and

Good luck


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