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Wed Nov 2 12:24:55 CET 2022

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> Hi Christopher,
> I would kindly remind you of keeping a proper etiquette, your postings
> are rather inflammatory, unfair, full of unbased accusation.

They are neither unfair, nor unbased accusation.
> Despite agreeing with you on you attitude towards certain members,

Glad you agree.  Claims that my postings are unfair and full of unbased
accusations was misguided.  

> I ask you to refrain from writing those emails, even more if you pose
> as FSF or GNU related associate.
Stop preaching on what not to do.  If you want to start exchanging insults
I can be extremely brutal.

> To be very clear: your emails are not welcome here. If you have
> constructive criticism, bring it forth, either directly to the TUG
> board, or the TeX Live team, but stop spamming this list.

Have understood long ago that I am unwelcome.  I do nothing unsolicited,
so if you want anything constructive, there should be some goodwill involved
as I have not seen much of it.  At least that has been my experience.
You can deny it, but I can discuss a list of individuals.  If they had not 
actually been members of TUG Committees, I would not have griped.

Thank you so very much
Christopher Dimech
Administrator General - Naiad Informatics - Gnu Project

> Norbert Preining
> TeX Live Team
> On Wed, 02 Nov 2022, Christopher Dimech wrote:
> > No wonder it folded, there was no future in it, mostly because of the bad ideas  
> > of passed over individuals that got way too old to be of any use.  Yourself,
> > for instance, brought much disagreement, and saw no point in lifting a finger
> > with regard to the UK TeX User Group.
> > 
> > There need to be fresh attitudes and abilities to follow directions and act
> > accordingly.  Only then would I be in a position to reconsider.  Funnily,
> > Jonathan Fine is one I will not deal with anymore.
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