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Norbert Preining norbert at
Wed Nov 2 11:40:29 CET 2022

Hi Christopher,

I would kindly remind you of keeping a proper etiquette, your postings
are rather inflammatory, unfair, full of unbased accusation.

Despite agreeing with you on you attitude towards certain members,
I ask you to refrain from writing those emails, even more if you pose
as FSF or GNU related associate.

To be very clear: your emails are not welcome here. If you have
constructive criticism, bring it forth, either directly to the TUG
board, or the TeX Live team, but stop spamming this list.

Norbert Preining
TeX Live Team

On Wed, 02 Nov 2022, Christopher Dimech wrote:
> No wonder it folded, there was no future in it, mostly because of the bad ideas  
> of passed over individuals that got way too old to be of any use.  Yourself,
> for instance, brought much disagreement, and saw no point in lifting a finger
> with regard to the UK TeX User Group.
> There need to be fresh attitudes and abilities to follow directions and act
> accordingly.  Only then would I be in a position to reconsider.  Funnily,
> Jonathan Fine is one I will not deal with anymore.

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