License problems [arabtex]

Karl Berry karl at
Mon May 2 23:54:07 CEST 2022

    Seems so as this is from arabtex.doc/doc/latex/arabtex/arabtex.faq
    from 1993 ... don't know who has added lppt.txt afterwards

The author (Lagally), I believe. My understanding is that the package is
under the LPPL and that stray statement in the FAQ is obsolete.
I wrote Prof. Lagally to confirm/deny this.

The font files ( were evidently
created by one Joel M. Hoffman in Rye, New York, circa 1991. I haven't
found a way to contact him yet. If anyone else has any luck searching,
please let me know. Anyway, I'll remove those files if too much time goes
by without any success, lacking any other course of action :(.


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