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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at gmx.de
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On 2022-07-25 at 21:56:19 +0300, peacecop kalmer: wrote:

 > Participating in this mailing list has already been useful.

Sure, but for general questions about TeX and LaTeX the TeXhax mailing
list is a more appropriate place:


You'll certainly get more help there.

The TeX Live mailing list is only for problems with the TeX Live
distribution (installation problems, license issues, etc).

 > In addition to the reasoning behind licensing, i now know the site
 > Learnlatex.org that wasn't known to me before.

I didn't know Learnlatex.org before either, but you'll also find a lot
of documentation at


There are probably a lot of books about LaTeX in your local library,
especially if it's close to a university.  This might be quite helpful
if you don't want to spend the rest of your life in front of a
computer screen.

If you want to create reasonable PDF files, learning LaTeX is
unavoidable.  It's not as difficult as it looks at a first glance.

 > And if i use default.latex for /bookdown/ then [...]

I doubt that such a wrapper is helpful if you really want to learn
LaTeX.  The input format of such tools is usually completely different
from what's described in books about LaTeX.  In my opinion such tools
are not good starting points for beginners at all.

 > As for Chinese characters,
 > [...]

Chinese could already be typeset with LaTeX even before XeTeX and
LuaTeX were invented.

If you are interested in a solution, start a new thread on TeXhax, not
here (see link above).  Prepare a minimal .tex file which can be fed
to xelatex and lualatex and demonstrates the problem.


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