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peacecop kalmer: kalmer at test.tennis24.ee
Mon Jul 25 20:56:19 CEST 2022

Participating in this mailing list has already been useful. In addition 
to the reasoning behind licensing, i now know the site Learnlatex.org 
that wasn't known to me before.

As for Chinese characters, i generally don't use them because i can't 
Chinese although it would be super-useful to be able to read that widely 
spread language. However, i added a reference that contained these 
characters and web version looked just fine but in PDF, instead of them, 
rectangles were. i use RStudio Server as an authoring tool for my things 
and /bookdown/ as an output generator. /bookdown/ uses /pandoc/ and the 
latter has some default templates available. For LaTeX, there's 
/default.latex/ which contains the rules for actually anything. i just 
had to set the main font for CJK (whatever it means, probably 
/Chinese-Japanish-Koeran/, and i know that it's Japanese but in German 
it's Japanisch and why not in English, that could be then Englese, too, 
and /koer/ is /dog/ in Estonian, we had /Korean fairy tales/, and we 
read: /Fairy tales of dog/) to turn on displaying Chinese characters in 
PDF file. That works fine with /xelatex/ but doesn't work with 
/lualatex/. So i switched from /lualatex/ back to /xelatex/.

On 25.07.22 18:31, Ulrike Fischer wrote:
> Am Mon, 25 Jul 2022 17:19:24 +0300 schrieb peacecop kalmer::
>> i had no idea that something like
>> /textdoc/ exists before someone here in this conversation mentioned it.
> It is mention in the last lection at learnlatex.org:
> https://www.learnlatex.org/en/lesson-16
>> Even yesterday, i learnt something: that for displaying
>> Chinese characters, /lualatex/ can't be used but /xelatex/ works just
>> fine.
> That is in this generality wrong, but it can depend on the package.
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