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On Sun, Aug 28, 2022 at 11:57 AM Jonathan Fine <jfine2358 at> wrote:

> Hi Franck
> Thank you for reporting this problem. I think you've done the right thing,
> by sending in this report. I don't run Windows so might not be able to help
> you directly. However the following information would be helpful.
> 1. How important and urgent is it for you that you have TeX installed on
> your PC?
> 2. By what process did you obtain the files the anti-virus complained
> about. For example, it might be a DVD, downloaded ISO or a network install.

Did you use elevated privileges for the installation?  Windows TeX Live
installation does not need elevated privileges.

You may want to read Section 1.4 Security considerations
<> and
proceed to install GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) (without using tlmgr).  Gpg4win
<> is widely used, or
you can install GnuPG command-line tools for Windows from Msys2 or Cygwin64
or in a WSL linux distribution (if you have WSL you may find that TeX Live
in WSL is superior to the Windows CTAN version).

In addition to the current install-tl-windows.exe, CTAN mirrors should
provide install-tl-windows.exe.sha512 and install-tl-windows.exe.sha512.asc
needed to verify downloads using GnuPG.

For those who do run Windows, here's the URL for the antivirus you're using.
> with kind regards
> Jonathan

Checking downloads with GnuPG requires non-trivial extra work, but that is
the reality of the
internet we have today.

George N. White III
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