showhyphens gone?

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at
Sat Aug 27 17:33:43 CEST 2022

Am 27.08.22 um 17:05 schrieb Frank Mittelbach:
> Am 27.08.22 um 15:46 schrieb Per Starbäck:
>> Manfred Lotz <manfred at> writes:
>>> The showhyphens author Patrick Gundlach decided in June that 
>>> showhyphens should
>>> be moved to obsolete in CTAN. If a package gets moved to obsolete/ 
>>> tree then it
>>> will be removed from texlive.
>> Thanks for the explanation! Is that really a good policy, though? To me
>> it seems obviously good if a Texlive release is rather  stable, and it
>> would be better if obsoletion meant that the package isn't included 
>> in the
>> *next release* of Texlive.
> I think this is worth contemplating. It would help with some nasty 
> surprises (and even though one could still reinstall from CTAN) it 
> seems a good policy that TL XX represents the software corpus that is 
> on the TL XX DVD + bug fixes and additions that happened during the 
> year XX but not suddenly dropping packages while XX is the current 
> version.

tlmgr --no-auto-remove  --self --all update


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