showhyphens gone?

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Aug 29 00:51:27 CEST 2022

1) This has been the policy for 20 years. I don't see any overwhelming
reason to change it now. Sorry Per.

2) Delaying removal just delays the agony, so that anyone affected only
learns about as an unpleasant surprise at some random future point,
decoupled from when the package was obsoleted and people are more likely
to know/remember.

3) Anyone affected can reinstall the package for themselves. And then
you will have solved the problem for good, not just until some next

4) In general, any idea of "stability" is chimerical nowadays, so far as
I've observed. It's pointless to pretend otherwise. Package removals are
very rare compared to package updates, plenty of which have a nontrivial
chance of breaking existing documents.  If you want stability, don't
update anything. --best, karl.

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