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luigi scarso luigi.scarso at
Tue Aug 17 13:24:59 CEST 2021

I am trying to install my subset  "smalltex" on Windows 10 via a  ssh
Almost a success, but I need  a "windows gui" environment to unpack the
 -- so it would be nice to have  an option "unpackonly=<folder>" or just
make available an

I am using the following smalltex.bat:

@echo off
rem Original from

call install-tl-windows -portable -no-gui -profile=smalltex.profile
echo Installing packages
set texpath=%~dp0
set texpath=%texpath%..\tex-2021-08-16-1629134177-441963500\

set pkg=
rem Needed for any use of texlua even if not testing LuaTeX
set pkg=%pkg% l3build latex latex-bin luatex latex-bin-dev

rem Extra
set pkg=%pkg% luajittex  mflua  metapost context optex

rem Required to build plain and LaTeX formats:
rem TeX90 plain for unpacking, pdfLaTeX, LuaLaTeX and XeTeX for tests
set pkg=%pkg% cm etex knuth-lib tex tex-ini-files unicode-data

rem various tools / dependencies of other packages
set pkg=%pkg% ctablestack filehook ifoddpage iftex luatexbase trimspaces
set pkg=%pkg% oberdiek etoolbox xkeyval ucharcat xstring everyhook
set pkg=%pkg% svn-prov setspace csquotes

rem slices from oberdiek
set pkg=%pkg% atbegshi atveryend bigintcalc bitset bookmark epstopdf-pkg
set pkg=%pkg% gettitlestring hologo hycolor intcalc kvdefinekeys kvsetkeys
set pkg=%pkg% letltxmacro ltxcmds luacolor pdfescape pdflscape pdftexcmds
set pkg=%pkg% rerunfilecheck uniquecounter

rem graphics
set pkg=%pkg% graphics xcolor graphics-def pgf luamplib

rem fonts
set pkg=%pkg% fontspec microtype unicode-math luaotfload
set pkg=%pkg% sourcecodepro asana-math ebgaramond  tex-gyre  amsfonts
set pkg=%pkg% opensans fira tex-gyre-math junicode lm  lm-math amiri ipaex
set pkg=%pkg% libertine coelacanth fontawesome stix2-otf dejavu
set pkg=%pkg% luatexko unfonts-core cjk-ko iwona libertinus-fonts fandol
set pkg=%pkg% cm-unicode noto

rem languages
set pkg=%pkg% luatexja arabluatex babel babel-english

rem math
set pkg=%pkg% amsmath lualatex-math

rem a few more packages
set pkg=%pkg% luacode environ adjustbox collectbox ms varwidth geometry url

rem some packages for the documentation
set pkg=%pkg% caption fancyvrb hyperref inconsolata listings luatex85
set pkg=%pkg% metalogo pdfpages pgf-blur standalone tikzducks tikzmarmots
set pkg=%pkg% tocloft tools
set pkg=%pkg% tugboat

rem Assuming a 'basic' font set up, metafont is required to avoid
rem warnings with some packages and errors with others
set pkg=%pkg% metafont mfware texlive-scripts

tlmgr install %pkg%

rem  Keep no backups (not required, simply makes cache bigger)
tlmgr option -- autobackup 0

rem  Update the TL install but add nothing new
tlmgr update --self --all --no-auto-install

The smalltex.profile uses the scheme-infraonly, and the idea it to keep all
under a  folder
(at the moment tex-2021-08-16-1629134177-441963500 )

install-tl-windows -portable -no-gui -profile=smalltex.profile
fails (see install-tl.log) so I have to call it.
After that, tlmgr runs fine until the end.

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