Issue Releated with Checksum on

Naveen M K naveen at
Thu Sep 10 19:57:37 CEST 2020

Hi Norbert,
Again thank you for replying me. Now I and @yihui have some plans on repacking the file we are going to download at runtime using `tlmgr` and also to avoid those weird popups.(You already told a fix for me thank you). Once we have repacked(planning to use Github Action) it we would just install that file and add those to paths and that would do the full thing. Also, it was because of your discussion I and also @yihui could come to know that we can repack it.  

> See FAQ 2 of 
@yihui told me that when I first asked why didn't you pack the contents of TinyTex and also on reading the license file I was also like him.

One day, we should have a Chocolatey Package( or scoop( for installing Texlive maybe just like how you did for Debian.

> Hmm, that is indeed automatically updated every N minutes (not sure at the moment, this is also running via ;-)
Nice I noticed it. It was around one in 2 days. I wasn't expecting this though.

> Not sure what you mean, but:
> - all binaries are compiled on Debian build machines
> - we don't use install-tl (because I know what needs to be done ;-)
This should one day be done for Windows also. ;-)

> I don't know ChocolateWhatever (although I know a lot about chocolate, but the one I eat!).
To be frank it just installs the classic `exe


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