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Norbert Preining norbert at
Thu Sep 10 12:23:00 CEST 2020

Hi Naveen,

> Actually, I didn't ask you guys to make a git repository to upload
> those(that would be a miserable idea ever).
> It was just the `` in the repository

Hmm, that is indeed automatically updated every N minutes (not sure at
the moment, this is also running via ;-) We don't do
releases there, since again, these files change when they change, and
that would mean we would need to make releases every day.

But see below.

> I find very helpful.

Why don't you take a fixed date from there?

> Also, I have questions on Debian Distribution. I also like to create a chocolatey package for TexLive (If I find some time to.)

I think these are two very different things. TinyTeX installs only the
minimum and let tlmgr do the work. This is impossible on Debian since it
would interfere with the list of files (and checksums) installed by the
Debian package manager apt. So tlmgr is more or less disabled on Debian.

> - Does the Debian distribution is just like the script I wrote for
> TinyTeX or it is Binary which it downloads and then creates symlinks?

Not sure what you mean, but:
- all binaries are compiled on Debian build machines
- we don't use install-tl (because I know what needs to be done ;-)

I hope that answers your question.

> If it is so, is it ok for me and @yihui to do so for TInyTeX? We will exclude the packages, which are not in Texlive. 

What do you mean with "to do so for TinyTeX"? I don't understand - but
as I said in the previous email, you are free to do whatever you want
(more or less, at least with repackaging) with the TeX Live files.

> - If I could can I do the same which I did for TinyTeX for Texlive? Which is the best method to install? And how it is done in other OS(like Debian)?

That is a tricky question, and cannot be answered. I don't know
ChocolateWhatever (although I know a lot about chocolate, but the one I
eat!). In principle it depends on the requirements of your distribution.
Debian requires that all binaries are built on the Debian servers and
are only linked against Debian built libraries, so no binary
distribution like we do in TeX Live from TUG which ships binaries.

It really depends on your distribution's requirements.

> - Does it include anything or it pulls from CTAN?

The Debian packages contain all of TeX Live, split into Debian packages
along the collections of TeX Live. We don't pull anything from CTAN.



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