Is there any xindy development still?

Jürgen Spitzmüller spitz at
Tue May 26 08:22:08 CEST 2020

Joachim, all

Am Dienstag, den 26.05.2020, 01:46 +0200 schrieb Joachim Schrod:
> Jürgen, I'm sorry that I didn't answer your emails at the start of
> this year. I have no good excuse, I should have sent at least a short
> reply. Well, it was a difficult time for me, since I reorganized my
> company at this time, which left me no time for private activities. I
> wanted to answer later, but then the Corona Pandemie arrived, and
> suddenly we had more work than we ever expected. (It's a sad state. 
> Friends of me, working in gastronomy or as artists, are going broke
> --
> whereas Christine and I are swamped with requests to setup process to
> support home office work. My mother is dying of cancer, and I need
> all
> my private time to care for her. Currently, life sucks. :-( )

I am very sorry to hear that! I hope things turn to the better soon!

Of course, even in much more lucky circumstances, stopping maintenance
is completely fair. I hope you didn't take my message here as offense
(it was not my intention to point fingers on anybody).

> Effectively, there is no xindy development any more. xindy is in
> maintenance mode. I review the patches on TL, checking if I have to
> interfer because problems might pop up. No such interference was
> necessary by now, all were OK.

OK. Fair enough.

> Thus, I have two recommendations:
> >  -- If you get patches for xindy, accept them. As I wrote, I will
> look
>     at them silently and will pop up if I see any problems.

I am happy to provide them (as plain diffs to this list). But the
should be reviewed since ...

>  -- If Jürgen wants to be a xindy maintainer, there are no objections
    at all from my side. All reports, emails, and changes I received
    from him were very professional and well thought out. (My
    non-reaction was very unprofessional, I have to admit. Shame on
>     me.)

... I know next to nothing of lisp. My patches were based on simple
attempts to understand how some xindy functions were written. I managed
to build it and test my patches. But I feel very far from having the
skills to maintain the project. Also, I have more than enough
obligations currently ;-)

Probably xindy should be rewritten in a language that is more common
(the usual suspects). But I understand nobody has the energy to take on
this task (me neither).

I start wondering whether index processing (after all, a simple locale-
based sorting task in essence) couldn't be done by re- or misusing the
advanced tools we already have nowadays (particularly biber). I might
try and make a suggestion to the biblatex folks ;-)

Now, it's 01:45am and I have to go back to my work, want to get at
least some sleep later on...

Best wishes, stay healthy, practice physical distancing[**], may we
> meet personally at better times. :-)

All best,


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