Is there any xindy development still?

Karl Berry karl at
Mon May 25 23:48:14 CEST 2020

Hi J\"urgen,

    Subject: Is there any xindy development still?

Well, Joachim still pops up on email from time to time :). But he is not
on this list (afaik, and who can blame him), so cc-ing him. I'd say it's
evident that xindy is not his priority, true. I don't know 

BTW, I guess there is an xindy mailing list on sourceforge
but given my experiences with sf mailing lists, I'm not going to try to

    seems that the program in fact does get updates from time to time in

Yes, we have merged in simple patches lacking a new upstream release.

Sounds fine. If you send me a plain text diff (sorry, github's interface
is too advanced for me to discern how to get that), I'll try to apply
it. (Unless Joachim pipes up to the contrary, of course.) --best, karl.

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