latex-bin-dev.amd64-freebsd missing on mirrors

Karl Berry karl at
Thu Jan 2 23:59:37 CET 2020

    > tlmgr: inconsistency on (one of) the server(s):
    > tlmgr: tlp for package latex-bin-dev.amd64-freebsd cannot be found, please report.

I can only guess that it was a transient network error between you and
the server(s) -- since multiple servers, most likely nearer to you.

The latex-bin-dev.amd64-freebsd package is available on both those
servers, e.g., for the first:
as can be seen in the file listing there:

The package is not new -- dated November 17, which is the correct version.
So as far as I can tell, everything is fine on the servers now.

If you have problems again, I suggest checking the server from your
machine at the time, to see if any more debugging clues can be
unearthed. Anyway, glad you could recover. --best regards, karl.

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