FC_WEIGHT didn't match

Bob Tennent rdtennent at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 03:54:29 CET 2019

 >|I think the above code fragment is for ghostscript
 >|compiled with fontconfig support, so it could be helpful
 >|to look into fontconfig's configuration (or lack of
 >|configuration) on the problem systems.

% fc-match  URWPalladioL-Roma
p052003l.pfb: "URW Palladio L" "Roman"
% fc-match  Palatino
pplr8a.pfb: "Palatino" "Roman"

If updmap.cfg has

dvipsDownloadBase35 false

then dvips generates a file which references Palatino-Roman,
rather than URWPalladioL-Roma, despite

LW35 URWkb

presumably because the font is expected to be in a printer
and will be Palatino, not URW Palladio. But then ps2pdf
should not even be looking for a Palatino font to embed in
the PDF.

I've used dvipsDownloadBase35 false when I wanted to
generate small PDFs for documents that use Times. (The same
issue with dvips and ps2pdf arises if the font package is
mathptmx.) But for Times one can use pdflatex with

pdftexDownloadBase14 false

and this still works.

Bob T.

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