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Urs Liska lists at
Thu Jul 25 22:28:29 CEST 2019

Hi Karl,

I have one more question: Are .lua files also found when they are in the doc tree of texlive?

Case in question: I right now have the following situation:

|- documentation

Both luaformatters-manual.lua as well as the .lua files in the 'examples' directory should remain in these directories because they are included in the manual as listings with minted (\inputminted{lua}{examples/example.lua}) (for which I think the relative path is required). But they also have to be *found* as Lua modules from the manual, respectively its luaformattersmanual.sty.

I can't really test this because in my development repository already the root is in the LaTeX search path, and so anything in the documentation directory will be too.
In TeX Live, however, will the .lua files in the doc directory be found through the path, or at least through the relative path from the manual's .tex or .sty file?


20. Juli 2019 00:26, "Karl Berry" <karl at> schrieb:

> Hi Urs - the package sounds nice. Happy developing :).
> So my lua files are *not* intended to be used from the command line,
> only from documents/packages. 
> For the record, the distinction between scripts/ and tex/ is not
> strict. Both are searched for .lua files.
> Well, everything that's invoked from the command line is in scripts/, as
> far as I know. But sometimes document-intended .lua files are there too,
> and that's ok.
> So they should rather be placed in the tex/luatex subtree.
> Agreed. That sounds fine.
> Ulrike, thanks for chiming in. --best, karl.

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