[tex-live] Texlive 2018 doesn't support on redhat/centos 6

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jan 26 14:55:27 CET 2019

    I update glibc on my Centos 6.5 from glibc-2.12 to glibc-2.14 as follow:

Belated: I think there is a way to support everything on centos6, by
compiling or otherwise acquiring a new-enough version of gcc or clang or
whatever to support all the features which icu and poppler need. The
basic problem is nothing about glibc, it's about icu|poppler needing
C++11 features which the CentOS 6.x compiler does not support.

Sorry, I don't know which C++ features were the problematic ones, and
don't know which compiler versions might be suitable (I wouldn't go all
the way to the latest gcc), but since you went all the way to trying a
new glibc, acquiring a newer compiler seems like it might be up your
alley ... FWIW ... --best, karl.

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