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I read on the CTAN website that TeXLive is now maintaining lacheck.  I am not sure if this is the right email to be submitting this possible lacheck bug to (or even if you are the right folks).  If this is not the right venue to which to report this issue and you know the correct venue, I would appreciate any guidance. 


The description of the issue at the end of this email is from a TeX StackExchange question I posted yesterday.  I am pretty confident this is a false flag but I am definitely no LaTeX expert.  To make sure the issue was not caused by an out of date version of lacheck, I updated mactex using homebrew and still see the issue.


If this is just one of the quirks of lacheck to live with, please let me know and I will go away.


Thank you and Best Regards,

Zayd Hammoudeh




In the simple LaTeX file:

I get the following errors with lacheck:
"hw01.tex", line 5: <- unmatched "end of file hw01.tex"
"hw01.tex", line 2: -> unmatched "{"

This is reported by Vim's syntastic running lacheck ver. $Id: lacheck.lex,v 1.26 1998/03/07 07:46:45 abraham Exp $ on MacOS High Sierra. The issue only seems to arise when \newcommand is followed by {\def*} (where * is zero or more other characters). Removal of the curly brackets around \def* or any term other than def causes the issue to go away.


I found an old bug report regarding a similar issue. I did not see any talk of a fix. Is this a bug or is there something I am missing?


Edit: The issue appears to not be limited to newcommand. I get the same error for the line:


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