[tex-live] historic-texlive: convenient installers for old TeX Live releases

Vít Novotný witiko at mail.muni.cz
Mon Jan 21 23:09:46 CET 2019

Hello Péter,

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On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 11:31:41PM +0100, Szabó Péter wrote:
> Dear TeX Live users and developers,
> This is to announce historic-texlive: convenient installers for old TeX Live
> releases.
> https://github.com/pts/historic-texlive
> historic-texlive is a set of scripts and binary executable for Unix for easy
> and convenient installation of TeX Live 2008--2018. All Unix platforms are
> supported. Windows (i386-cygwin, x86_64-cygwin, win32) isn't supported.
> historic-texlive is useful for compiling old .tex documents reliably, to
> reproduce the original output files (.dvi, .ps and .pdf). For writing new
> documents, the latest release of TeX Live is recommended.
> Advantages of historic-texlive over the regular install-tl installer:
> * It supports historic TeX Live releases out of the box, without the need
> for
>   specifying -repository flags and matching the version of install-tl to the
>   repository.
> * It lets the user specify the platform, e.g. if the user asks for
>   i386-linux, then neither install-htl (the historic-texlive installer) nor
>   tlmgr will install binary executables for other platforms (e.g.
>   x86_64-linux). (install-tl doesn't respect the user's choice this way.)
> * It contains a few bugfixes so the old installer works with newer versions
>   of Perl.
> * It doesn't ask any questions: it does something reasonable by default, and
>   it can be customized using command-line flags.
> * install-htl finishes quickly, because it doesn't download anything: it
>   delegates downloading to `tlmgr install', which the user should invoke
>   next.
> Please note that historic-texlive is a hobby project of mine which I hacked
> together during the weekend. It's not an official TeX Live product.
> If you have any feedback or suggestion for improvement, please let me know.
> (Please keep my e-mail address in the To: list, because I'm not subscribed
> to TeX Live mailing lists.)
> Best regards,
> Péter
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