[tex-live] xdvipdfmx: tounicode entries for ligatures missing in pdf

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Fri May 4 18:06:45 CEST 2018

on tex.sx there is a question about a failing search in pdf

As I happened to have the font available I tested and can confirm
that something changed between TL17 and TL18:



With xelatex in TL17 is works fine and one can search in the pdf for
"Prefix", in TL18 it not longer works.

The fonts are the same but in the newer pdf a mapping for the
ligature is missing:

7 beginbfchar
<0011> <002E>
<0014> <0031>
<0033> <0050>
<0048> <0065>
<0055> <0072>
<005B> <0078>
<011F> <FB01>  %<------- missing in TL18
Another (free) font with the same Problem is Roboto:

\setmainfont{Roboto-Regular.ttf} leads to

7 beginbfchar
<0012> <002E>
<0015> <0031>
<0034> <0050>
<0049> <0065>
<0056> <0072>
<005C> <0078>
<01A4> <FB01> %<--- missing in TL18

(But here the fonts are perhaps not identical as they are in the
texmf trees).

Ulrike Fischer 

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