[tex-live] dvisvgm with libgs on mac os x

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Mon Mar 12 00:02:54 CET 2018


asking for help on how to compile dvisvgm from TeXLive sources
so that it can locate the libgs library on my mac which is at

(/opt/local/lib/libgs.dylib is a symlink to libgs.9.22.dylib)

With the vanilla ./Build produced dvisvgm, I need to pass --libgs option
to dvisvgm binary when using it like this

$ dvisvgm --libgs="/opt/local/lib/libgs.dylib" temp.dvi

and it does work fine (temp.dvi contains 18 postscript specials)

I tried to play with the configure options listed at


my last attempt did

Work$ ../configure --disable-all-pkgs --disable-native-texlive-build --enable-multiplatform --prefix="/opt/local" --disable-cxx-runtime-hack --enable-dvisvgm --with-system-libgs --with-libgs-includes="/opt/local/include/ghostscript" --with-libgs-libdir="/opt/local/lib/"

but it did not seem to succeed.

Is there something wrong in my environment variables

(I noticed /opt/local/lib is not in my PATH, I have no idea if that matters)

I googled a bit for location of dylib's on the mac, and found no
immediately usable answer

(although https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2339679/what-are-the-differences-between-so-and-dylib-on-osx
does explain things)



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