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Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 11:53:27 CET 2018

st 12. 12. 2018 v 11:48 odesílatel Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk> napsal:
> Arthur Reutenauer wrote:
>   You really haven’t been paying attention.  Their (self-proclaimed)
> interest in open source is huge.  Just search for “Microsoft loves open
> source”.  If you want to impress on them that TeX is important, you
> can’t in your draft letter ignore that it’s part of the open source
> world, or you would be rendering the users that you purport to help a
> signal disservice.
> Of course I can.  The fact that some parts of the TeX infrastructure are open-source is of interest primarily to those for whom the concept of "open-source" is important; many others (myself included) are interested primarily in the fact that (a) TeX is probably still the most powerful and flexible typesetting system yet invented, (b) that it is virtually bug-free, (c) that it runs under Microsoft Windows, and (d) that it was written by one of the most eminent computer scientists in the world (these points in no particular order).  Just because the concept of "open-source" is important to you, Arthur, does not mean that it is also important to others.
For me it is not important that it runs on Windows but that it runs on
all important platforms, it runs the same way and gives the same
result from the same sources. Being a Linux user I can collaborate
with users of Windows and Mac. I do this almost daily. I think that a
commecial tool with such capabiities does not exist.

Zdeněk Wagner

>    date, at least) represents an evolutionary step (nay, leap) backwards.
>   Not my point.  You have opted for a very specific environment, not
> reprentative of any general use case, and that increases my doubts that
> you’re able to represent all TeX users on Windows, as you apparently
> wish to.
> I think you misunderstand (or intentionally misrepresent) my position; I have no wish whatsoever to "represent all TeX users on Windows" — there are many many others far better placed than I to undertake such a task (Akira Kakuto, for example).  But I have been asked by Boris to communicate with Microsoft on his/TUG's behalf, and that is a responsibility which I saw as my duty to accept.  Many in the TeX community loathe Microsoft Windows (see, for example, Reinhard's recent scathing message, or the number of times the spelling "Windoze" has been intentionally used), but I am not one of those — I use Windows on a daily basis (although I confess that I was unwilling to move from MS/DOS to Microsoft Windows in the latter's early days), as do millions (perhaps billions) of others :  people who want to be able to ask a computer to perform a task for them, and who have no interest in being able to re-compile the operating system or any of its layered products from source.  As a member of that community, it is an honour and a privilege to be asked to speak to Microsoft on their behalf.
> Philip Taylor

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