[tex-live] bug report of bibtex

Eric Meng mqr.grad at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 08:23:47 CEST 2018

Hi Karl, 

Thank you for your reply.

Here is a minimal case attachment,

You can directly run latexmk in the source folder


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> On 20 Apr 2018, at 8:05 am, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Thanks for the report.
>    when the output directory is specified within the working folder, 
> So you're setting TEXMFOUTPUT to temp?
>    this issue is not related to the value of openout_any as I tested 
> It would be openin_any, if anything, but the default for that is to
> allow anything, so unless something in your environment is changing
> that, it shouldn't matter.
>    If you also use relative path to specify bibliography path
> Are you setting BIBINPUTS, or specifying the path in your input file?
> I'm not sure offhand what is going wrong for you. Please send a runnable
> input file so I can more easily test. --thanks, karl.

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