[tex-live] TeX Live 2018 pretest problem with lualatex and Biolinum font

Thomas Krennwallner tk at postsubmeta.net
Sat Apr 7 07:39:56 CEST 2018

On Thu Apr 05, 2018 08:26:17PM +0000, Daniel H. Luecking wrote:
> I got the same results (TeXLive 2018, updated today, Windows 7). However, both of the following changes corrected the problems:
> Load the libertine package instead of fontspec:
>     %\usepackage{fontspec}
>     \usepackage{libertine}
> and omit the \fontspec commands.
> Or move the \fontspec commands before all the font commands. For example,
>     \fontspec{Linux Biolinum O}{\bfseries\sffamily

Nice, thanks for the hint, this seems to fix the problem, if we don't
use \setsansfont[]{Linux Biolinum O} (see below).

I have adapted the example to

--- 8< --- 8< ---
{\fontspec{Linux Biolinum O}\sffamily biolinum sffamily}

{\fontspec{Linux Biolinum O}\itshape\sffamily biolinum sffamily itshape}

{\fontspec{Linux Biolinum O}\bfseries\sffamily biolinum sffamily bfseries (uses oblique with lualatex)}

{\fontspec{Linux Biolinum O}\itshape\bfseries\sffamily biolinum sffamily bfseries itshape (ignores bfseries with xelatex)}
--- 8< --- 8< ---

and invoked

% lualatex bio.tex 
This is LuaTeX, Version 1.07.0 (TeX Live 2018/Debian) 

and got a positive result:

% pdffonts bio.pdf 
name                                 type              encoding         emb sub uni object ID
------------------------------------ ----------------- ---------------- --- --- --- ---------
YAQTMP+LinBiolinumO                  CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes yes      4  0
FGULND+LinBiolinumOI                 CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes yes      5  0
JODGAZ+LinBiolinumOB                 CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes yes      6  0
FWYKIS+LinBiolinumOBO                CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes yes      7  0
JFRMQG+LMRoman10-Regular             CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes yes      8  0

Similar results with xelatex instead of lualatex.

Then, I've changed my current document to use

\fontspec{Linux Biolinum O}

before any \sffamily, but this didn't solve my problem.  After some
thought, I could track down the problem to \setsansfont, which my
document contains:

\setsansfont[]{Linux Biolinum O}

If I adapt above example to include the \setsansfont statement after the
\usepackage{biolinum} line, the old problem returns.  So there seems to
be some interference of biolinum and \setsansfont.


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