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Arash Esbati arash at gnu.org
Wed Mar 8 11:36:26 CET 2017

Robert Alessi <alessi at robertalessi.net> writes:

> One finalfinal question: I also added a .el AUCTeX style file for my
> package.  Where should it go in the TDS tree?  In source/ or in doc/?
> I've seen such files in either directory so far.

I agree with Reinhard that it would be great if you bundle your style
file with AUCTeX.  Your style is already under GPL, so that part is
already done.  The only thing you will have to do is to assign the
copyright to the FSF.  Here the link if you want to start the process:


If you have any questions, please drop a line to <auctex-devel at gnu.org>.

At any rate, I took the liberty and patched your style a little; diff is
attached.  Please review my patch as I'm not familiar with arabluatex
(not even installed on my system).  It should work, though.

Best, Arash

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