[tex-live] etex

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Tue Jan 10 12:59:05 CET 2017


exit code of etex is 1 if processed file did a \showbox for example.
(but not with \tracingoutput1 which is good)

On the other hand exit code is 0 even if there were mismatched \if..\fi
or missing \endgroup which nevertheless are signaled in the log.

Is there any option to let etex not throw status 1 on exit when
\showbox is being used (assuming -interaction batchmode) ?

and (more importantly to me) to let it use exit status 1 in case
it adds error message
in the log about mismatched \if's or missing \endgroup's  ?

I tried to find information on etex's exit codes, also googling
for pdftex, but I am afraid I would have to look at sources.

Should I raise this on pdftex list rather ?

I solved my problem by not using \showbox, (but using \tracingoutput1
and other solutions are possible because this is just a check
for extra spaces from style files)

and by using grep
on the etex compilation logs to check for error messages
related to \if..\fi,
however if I could avoid grepping the log files that would
be better (the regression testing is not done on the log files
but on created files which are under git version control; it would
be better if I could trust exit code 0 from etex to mean that
TeX compilation was ok, but alas... the exit code does not
signal mismatched if's or group's)


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