[tex-live] texdoc and other binaries no longer working

Loren Spice jadenb1729 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 04:32:46 CET 2017

> first of all, please keep the mailing list in Cc.

Sorry; I didn't know the etiquette.
> Hard to believe.

But true; but, as you guessed, not the whole story.
> What does
>    which kpsewhich
>    which texlua
>    which texdoc
> say?

When I updated TeXLive, I also updated MacPorts, and some package pulled in MacPorts's own `texlive-basic` installation (as you suspected).  That beat TeXLive in my path, so I was pulling in MacPorts's `kpsewhich`.  Re-ordering the path fixed it.
Thank you!Loren   
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