[tex-live] TeX Live 2016 binary distribution milestone

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jul 6 23:43:20 CEST 2016

    inimflua inimfluajit

Nelson, as I think I wrote you before, TL does not build any ini*
executable except for inimf and initex (which, for many years now, are
merely symlinks to mf and tex, respectively).  So it is not an error
that those are not built.  (It was a leftover in the Automake files that
I corrected before the release.)

I agree with your comments about LuaJIT in general, of course, but it's
not up to me.

    lualollipop xelollipop

Those are also no longer built in TL; lollipop now runs on plain tex
only (per the lollipop maintainer).  The TL'16 release includes no such
binaries/links -- just "lollipop" itself.  So that's also not an error.

    "Sorry, you need zlib with compress2" from dvipdfm-x, 

I don't know what that means.  I hope someone on an affected platform
can debug it.
    and the defective packaging of Asymptote that uses CFLAGS for C++
    compilations instead of CXXFLAGS.

I have the vague impression that Bowman has already fixed that, but I am
not sure.  I hope so.

    it ought to be feasible to
    host xindy on different implementations of Common Lisp.  

Indeed.  Would be great, if Joachim (or a new xindy volunteer) is up for
working on it.


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