[tex-live] getnonfreefonts

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Apr 13 20:04:27 CEST 2016

Ulrike Fischer wrote:

> I wonder why you are asking on the texlive list that they provide
> scripts to install fonts which have a license which doesn't allow to
> include them im texlive. 

Isn't that exactly the point, Ulrike ?  Whether one thinks it a good
idea or not, TeX Live has a policy of excluding anything that it deems
"non-free", so it cannot (by definition) include these fonts.  But an
open-source script (i.e., "free", in the TeX Live sense) that a user can
use to /add/ such fonts to his or her own personal TeX Live
installation, is surely a Good Thing [tm], and its inclusion in TeX Live
can only be of benefit.

Philip Taylor

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