[tex-live] luatex bug reporting in tl16

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Tue Apr 12 00:26:33 CEST 2016

> Thus, unless the bug is with the TL packaging, i.e., we are distributing
> stale files or have files in the wrong place, the report shouldn't go
> here.
> Good luck to us all,
> Karl

hi Karl,

it is only for lack of knowledge on my part on where to report that
I used this list as my main medium ...

I fully sympathize with your concerns. Sometimes it is hard
to identify the place where to report; and to disentangle a priori
if the issue is a LaTeX one, a LuaTeX one, a fontspec one, a luaotfload
one, ... and I admit indeed I considered tex-live mailing list
as a possible way to reach in one sweep all possible kinds of developers,
for these issues I had encountered.

I opened a ticket
about the problem with ttc fonts (at least on mac os x).
People are invited thus to go there for updates.

For the record: I have not all been on the look-out for a systematic
hunt for bugs ! I don't use LuaTeX, only LuaLaTeX and only on one
project, for some reason having to do with using a feature file for
a font.

I tried today to compile the thing and the problem reported arose.
As I am not familiar with LuaTeX development environment and
as testing bugs is really time costly I didn't additionally adventure
on the net for finding the suitable locations.

If things are on GitHub which I am a bit familar with now,
then that's all too easy for me to do all my ticket raising there.

>From following at a long distance I understand the LaTeX team
has already done a massive effort into absorbing the changes,
thus I think perhaps your description is a bit pessimistic
about "changes to all documents": I think those using LaTeX
which is a bit majority of people are to a large extent
"protected" by the already done work at the LaTeX dev repo.


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