[tex-live] luatex bug reporting in tl16

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Apr 11 23:52:57 CEST 2016

JF and everyone: there are massive, sweeping, pervasive (emphasis by
redundancy :) changes in luatex this year.  See below for some links.
Just about every package and document using luatex will probably need
some change or another.

Thus, there will be undoubtedly be problems galore, at all levels.  I
expect what you have already reported is just the tip of the iceberg.
The tex-live list is not the place to report these bugs.  The
appropriate people are not, usually, on this list.

If the bug is in the engine itself (crash, discrepancy with
documentation), then it should be reported to the engine developers.

If the bug is with a package, then it should be reported to the package

If you can't tell whether the bug is with a package or the engine, make
your best guess anyway and write to one or the other.  I know it may not
be obvious.  I know many developers are coy about their contact
information.  I can't solve those things.  But just sending bugs to
tex-live because a lot of people are on this list, as has become common
practice (not just about luatex), is not sustainable.  Sorry to be a
curmudgeon about it, but I see this quickly spiralling out of control.

Thus, unless the bug is with the TL packaging, i.e., we are distributing
stale files or have files in the wrong place, the report shouldn't go

Good luck to us all,
Documentation of those massive changes:

1) The LuaTeX NEWS file, especially the entry for 0.85.0:

2) The article Hans wrote for TUGboat, which I previously posted to the
list.  Page numbers are final now, so here is the PDF that will be
printed in this issue of TUGboat (I take it upon myself to elide the
one-year moratorium in this case):

3) And, naturally, the LuaTeX manual, linked from:

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