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Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri May 8 09:59:15 CEST 2015


> I had been reading http://tug.org/texlive/doc/tlmgr.html and
> wanted to try a few things. (on my pretest installation)

For example?

> All packages (corresponding to LaTeX macro packages)
> which I tried returned relocatable: Yes. 

Indeed indeed, in the current tlpretest installation of mine
I also have:

	relocated 1

	relocated 0

while in the tlpretest tlpdb itself I have:
	relocated 1

	relocated 1

THat is interesting... I have to investigate this. 

My *GUESS* is that packages that have bene added *LATER* via tlmgr
have *no* relocated entry (as it does not make sense for them),
and packages that were installed during install-tl have relocated 1.

I need to invest, thanks for pointing me at that.

> Thus relocatable means "user-mode-installable" ?

Yes. That is the only meaning.

> For example "tlmgr info newtxmath", or "tlmgr info tabularx"
> both fail because those are indeed LaTeX packages, but they
> are bundled into bigger things for TeX Live installation.

Yes indeed.

> I do not see in the doc of tlmgr an action which given 
> say foo.sty would return the corresponding TeXLive package ?

$ tlmgr search --file tabularx.sty

> tlmgr which etoc      ->  
>     "TeX Live package etoc"
> tlmgr which tabularx   ->  
>     "No TL package "tabularx". Perhaps you meant tabularx.sty ?
>      Try out TeX Live package tools"
> tlmgr which newtxmath ->  
>     "No TL package with this name, but perhaps you will be interested
>      in TL package newtx? indeed, among the 1878 run files installed
>      with it, I could recognize newtxmath.sty"

Maybe, yes, maybe merge the "search" into "info" .... need to think.


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