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jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Fri May 8 10:28:29 CEST 2015

Le 8 mai 2015 à 09:59, Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> a écrit :

> Hi,
>> I had been reading http://tug.org/texlive/doc/tlmgr.html and
>> wanted to try a few things. (on my pretest installation)
> For example?

I think initially I wanted to check the doc on "tlmgr platform add" 
because earlier in the day I had added x86_64-linux to a a prior

but then I ended up playing with tlmgr info

a propos "tlmgr platform add", it ended with 

    tlmgr ended with a warning

or perhaps it was rather

    tlmgr: action platform ended with a warning

but I wasn't told which warning. Some tlmgr $? would give it?

Later, before going to bed I decided
to check the html doc to learn how to get this warning
explicitely and drifted away with the info thing

the warning: I thought today I would find it in the tlmgr.log
file (on the distant machine where I did this yestereday) but
checking now I see in

only the output of tlmgr update actions

Here is another example with a warning:

~$ tlmgr info newtxmath
tlmgr: package repository /Users/---/Downloads/tlpretest
tlmgr: cannot find package newtxmath
tlmgr: action info returned a warning.

I am not worried about that, but yesterday after adding
platform x86_64-linux, I didn't know what had triggered the

(to make a long story short: after years of suffering 
with an obsolete TL2004, then a less obsolete TL2007, then
an even less obsolete TL2010 but no hope to get it updated
anytime soon, and thus with over the years hundreds of megabytes 
(including fonts) manually added to my ~/texmf, I was endangering 
a ridiculously small quota I have to live under, (the quota
ten years ago was perhaps at 200M... it got multiplied by 10 
after I adopted a life threatening attitude, but still)
... I finally understood last month that somewhere
on the file system there was no quota, thus I could
make there a full-install of TL2015. However when I connect
via ssh I end up on a 64bit machine, and not the 32bit machine
I am physically on overthere.)

>> All packages (corresponding to LaTeX macro packages)
>> which I tried returned relocatable: Yes. 
> Indeed indeed, in the current tlpretest installation of mine
> I also have:
> mathdesign:
> 	relocated 1
> etoc:
> 	relocated 0
> while in the tlpretest tlpdb itself I have:
> mathdesign:
> 	relocated 1
> etoc:
> 	relocated 1
> THat is interesting... I have to investigate this. 
> My *GUESS* is that packages that have bene added *LATER* via tlmgr
> have *no* relocated entry (as it does not make sense for them),
> and packages that were installed during install-tl have relocated 1.
> I need to invest, thanks for pointing me at that.

I initially did a scheme=full install of TeXLive pretest,
thus in the case of etoc, it was indeed _updated_ later, but
it already existed before inthe tlpdb

>> Thus relocatable means "user-mode-installable" ?
> Yes. That is the only meaning.

Thanks, I understand now. Indeed relocatable appears only twice
in the full tlmgr html doc, when discussing user-mode

>> For example "tlmgr info newtxmath", or "tlmgr info tabularx"
>> both fail because those are indeed LaTeX packages, but they
>> are bundled into bigger things for TeX Live installation.
> Yes indeed.
>> I do not see in the doc of tlmgr an action which given 
>> say foo.sty would return the corresponding TeXLive package ?
> $ tlmgr search --file tabularx.sty
> tools:
> 	texmf-dist/tex/latex/tools/tabularx.sty
> $

Thanks for pointing that out. I though to have read from A to Z
the html doc, but I must have been asleep already. The search
action is exactly what I was looking for.

>> tlmgr which etoc      ->  
>>    "TeX Live package etoc"
>> tlmgr which tabularx   ->  
>>    "No TL package "tabularx". Perhaps you meant tabularx.sty ?
>>     Try out TeX Live package tools"
>> tlmgr which newtxmath ->  
>>    "No TL package with this name, but perhaps you will be interested
>>     in TL package newtx? indeed, among the 1878 run files installed
>>     with it, I could recognize newtxmath.sty"
> Maybe, yes, maybe merge the "search" into "info" .... need to think.
> Norbert



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