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Hi Reinhard and Norbert,

first of all many thanks for your quick reply and all the information concerning my request. Let me make some short annotations: I'm writing the "Freeware"-category in the CHIP-magazine and because of this, I am always researching for useful and interesting software - that is the reason why I found "Tex Live 2015". In this section I always write a short description of the tool and present it with screenshot to our readers. In my opinion it is very useful to put this software on our DVD in order that anybody can test the software without downloading it from the internet. We always use the downloads fron the official pages to avoid any problems applying the software like installers etc. In the description text I could make a cross reference to the "TeX Collection DVD".

Best Regards and thanks for your help

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On 2015-06-22 at 08:36:48 +0000, Bunz Karsten wrote:

 > as a journalist of Germanys most successful monthly PC-magazine  > CHIP I am currently researching content for the enclosed  > DVD. Because of this I would like to offer our readers Your free  > software "Tex Live 2015" and "proTeXt" (if possible including  > upcoming versions) and distribute it as an additional service on  > any future CD/DVD, ISO-download and via CHIP-App-Tablet  > edition. Therefore I would be highly grateful if you would give me  > your approval.

Hi Karsten,
in addition to what Norbert already said, I'd like to mention that the "TeX Collection DVD" (containig TeX Live for all systems, MacTeX for OS X, and proTeXt for Windows) is already sold by Lehmanns Bookstore.
If the license is fine for Lehmanns, it's also fine for you.

You mentioned "Tex Live 2015" and "proTeXt" explicitly.  Unless you want to put anything else onto the DVD its best (less error-prone) to simply provide the "TeX Collection DVD" without any modifications.

Norbert already mentioned "network installations".  IMO DVDs are fine for people with a poor internet connection.  In most cases network installations are much faster and provide the latest stuff immediately.  Even if you provide a DVD I think that it makes sense to describe network installations in the article.


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