[tex-live] automatically print dvi files to a printer on windoze

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 15:11:04 CEST 2015

Fonts are not the only problem. Buch more serious problem is that
paper size is unknown. It is possible to use \special but it depends
on the output driver to be used. It is much better to use pdftex
because the paper size can be given by several ways (geometry package,
zwpagelayout package, pdftex primitives) and it is properly set in the
resulting PDF. All PDF readers on all platforms will see the correct
paper size and many printer drivers are then able to switch the tray
if your printer contains several trays with different paper sizes.
Zdeněk Wagner

2015-06-12 15:03 GMT+02:00 Lars Madsen <daleif at math.au.dk>:
> just out of wondering, any reason you are using dvi for this? Remember that fonts are not embedded etc. (AFAIR)
> Hardly anyone are working with DVI anymore.
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> Subject: [tex-live] automatically print dvi files to a printer on windoze
> Hi,
> is it somehow possible to automatically print DVI files to a particular
> printer, possibly adjusting printer settings like the paper size?
> So far, I have verified that the labels /can/ be printed using dviout.
> However, I openend the DVI file and made the printer settings manually
> to then print the labels, and these manual steps is what I would like to
> automate.
> It would be ideal if it could be boiled down to some program being run
> from a batch file like 'dviouot -P printer-1 -paper label-foo -f
> labels.dvi' so that a user simply clicks an icon (after verifying that
> the right size labels are in the printer) to print the labels.

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