[tex-live] context modules not in TL 2014

Axel Kielhorn tex at axelkielhorn.de
Sun Jan 25 16:40:48 CET 2015

Am 25.01.2015 um 14:00 schrieb Robin Fairbairns <rf10 at cl.cam.ac.uk>:

> Bob Tennent <rdt at cs.queensu.ca> wrote:
>>> urwgaramond/   GPL 2
>> Even if the support files are GPLed (CTAN says Public
>> Domain), the fonts themselves are non-commercial.
> remembering, as we do, that tex live doesn't hold files whose sole
> purpose is to support commercial products.

Of course you are right.
The fonts get installed by getnonfreefonts into texmf-local.


No need to include the support files into TeX Live.


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