[tex-live] Feature request for TL 2014 (or later): Easier installation of local/experimental packages

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Feb 14 00:47:13 CET 2014

Hi Karl,

I agree that on Unix env variables is the way to go. But unfortunately
that does not fly on Windows - or not easily. Setting env variables
on WIndows is a pain.

That is the reason why using the method posted (for add and remove)

> tlmgr conf texmf TEXMFHOME "~/texmf-test:~/texmf"
> tlmgr conf texmf TEXMFHOME "~/texmf"

is a nice thing that works also easily for WIndows, and transparent
on Windows and Unix.

*BUT* I don't like abusing TEXMFHOME for that. People will forget to
remove, set back to normal value, etc etc.

That is the reason why I proposed adding one TEXMFPROJECT variable
that is initially empty.

People could use
	tlmgr conf texmf TEXMFPROJECT /some/test/texmf:/another/:/evenmore/
to add trees, and
	tlmgr conf texmf TEXMFPROJECT ""
to unset (although I am not sure if that works ATM in tlmgr with an empty "")


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