[tex-live] Package preparation question (directory structure)

Urs Liska ul at openlilylib.org
Wed Sep 4 18:33:15 CEST 2013

Am 04.09.2013 18:24, schrieb Robin Fairbairns:
> i had envisaged a structure:
>    macros->latex->contrib->lilyglyphs
> and from there:
>    [the above]->doc,scripts,latex,fonts
> (each with the relevant content)
>    ...->lilyglyphs->doc->lilyglyphs->[doc files]
> which you seem to be suggesting, is strongly deprecated.
I don't suggest that, maybe I wrote something confusing or confused.
> coming back to fonts ... you seemed to be suggesting that the package
> requires [xe|lua]tex to deal with opentype fonts, but
> a) also ask whether metafont source is required
> b) talk about images being "formed into glyphs"
> afaik, neither xelatex nor luatex can deal with bitmap fonts, and the
> images stuff has me completely confused.
OK, should be easy to clarify:

My package defines commands to insert musical symbols 'as characters', 
that is \lilyTimeSignature{3}{4} will insert a 3/4 time signature in the 
continuous text.

One group of commands uses the glyphs that are provided by LilyPond's 
OpenType fonts, that's why the package uses fontspec and needs Xe- or 
These OpenType fonts have been created using Metafont (in the LilyPond 
project), but I only use the .otf files from LilyPond's binary distribution.

Another group of commands defines symbols that aren't part of that 
OpenType font (because LilyPond draws them).
These symbols are present as small pdf files that the package includes 
through \includegraphics.

> i will try to re-read your mail at home, tonight, but may not have the
> time...
> robin

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