[tex-live] dvipdfmx warnings

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Mon Dec 2 14:35:50 CET 2013

Le 2 déc. 2013 à 14:08, Bob Tennent <rdt at cs.queensu.ca> a écrit :

> Jean-Francois:  "\ifwithdvipdfmx is a document boolean"
> It seems using dvipdfmx as a document option doesn't create/set that
> conditional. But your post does list all (?) the packages affected


I apologize for not having clearly stated that this \ifwithdvipdfmx
was a user (me) created boolean; actually I create this boolean 
in another file, and then load the main
file (which contains all the \PassOptionsToPackage things after
the \documentclass) via an \input. I can then keep the main
file unchanged and decide to compile it via latex+dvipdfmx or pdflatex

Also: the packages listed in my message are the ones I experimentally
figured to be in need to be properly set-up for dvipdfmx use, there may
be others, the list proved sufficient for my use cases, perhaps some
other packages I don't know about or not needed in my documents 
do need proper attention.

Whenever I can, I use dvipdfmx as it produce systematically smaller pdf's,
for some fonts the pdf size can be drastically improved, I have experienced 
going down from 700K to 200K, mostly I observe from 10% to 30% gain.

One font which I cannot use with dvipdfmx is T1/txtt, when the document
uses letters like é or à outside the 32-127 range.



> by using dvipdfm(x) and thanks for that. This information should be
> in the dvipdfm documentation; otherwise how is a user to know that
> using dvipdfm may require an explicit option to those packages?
> Zdenek: "It cannot be recognized how you will process the DVI file
> later"
> Yes, but if the user provides dvipdfmx as a document option, the
> geometry package should be aware of the user's intention to use that
> processor. The hyperref package does.
> It seems dvipdfmx does the right thing when legalpaper,landscape are
> used. Wouldn't it be possible for it to suppress the frenetic but
> useless 3-line
> ** WARNING ** 
> message it currently produces when the user forgets to add a driver
> option to the geometry package? Or even replace it by a hint to the
> user about what to do to prevent it?
> BTW, the reason I'm using dvipdfm is because it embeds type 2 (aka
> type 1C) fonts into the pdfs it generates, which significantly
> reduces the size compared to embedding type 1 fonts. Ideally pdftex
> and dvips would do the same, though I've been told pdftex is
> "frozen"; what about dvips?
> Bob T.

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