[tex-live] dvipdfmx warnings

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Mon Dec 2 14:08:02 CET 2013

Jean-Francois:  "\ifwithdvipdfmx is a document boolean"

It seems using dvipdfmx as a document option doesn't create/set that
conditional. But your post does list all (?) the packages affected
by using dvipdfm(x) and thanks for that. This information should be
in the dvipdfm documentation; otherwise how is a user to know that
using dvipdfm may require an explicit option to those packages?

Zdenek: "It cannot be recognized how you will process the DVI file

Yes, but if the user provides dvipdfmx as a document option, the
geometry package should be aware of the user's intention to use that
processor. The hyperref package does.

It seems dvipdfmx does the right thing when legalpaper,landscape are
used. Wouldn't it be possible for it to suppress the frenetic but
useless 3-line

** WARNING ** 

message it currently produces when the user forgets to add a driver
option to the geometry package? Or even replace it by a hint to the
user about what to do to prevent it?

BTW, the reason I'm using dvipdfm is because it embeds type 2 (aka
type 1C) fonts into the pdfs it generates, which significantly
reduces the size compared to embedding type 1 fonts. Ideally pdftex
and dvips would do the same, though I've been told pdftex is
"frozen"; what about dvips?

Bob T.

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