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simon at getthingsfixed.co.uk simon at getthingsfixed.co.uk
Tue Sep 11 14:54:44 CEST 2012

Karl + Boris,

On Monday 10 September 2012 23:26:25 Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Simon (and Boris),
>     S> But 2012 hasn't got the armhf binaries
> I'm sorry, but the distinction between the plethora of arm* platforms,
> and which are compatible with which others, simply cannot get into my
> brain.  I've never seen any comprehensible description of the names, for
> starters.

Somewhat of a mystery. Also no protection from running the wrong binaries. 
Rather than objecting to running it just silently does the wrong thing.

Presumably this makes for risky installation.

> At any rate, next year there will be an option to have binaries
> choosable/installable from the net in the standard way which are not on
> the DVD.  So adding more platforms doesn't have much impact.  (I'm not
> saying armhf would not be on the DVD, necessarily, just that we'll have
> the option of including more platforms in general because of the
> decoupling from the DVD.)

I assume install_tl will offer the common binaries from the DVD with a link to 
a list of the weird ones online. However that does compromise the usefulness 
of the DVD, especially to those who have low bandwidth.

>     S> to supply the official armhf binaries for texlive?
> If you want to, great, and please subscribe to the tlbuild list
> (and further discussion would be better there, not here).
> BTW, it's not required to build xindy and asy, from my point of view.
> Not all platforms have them.  Or if you build them so that they have
> additional shared library dependency, that's better than not at all.
> That also is the case on some platforms.

Suits me.  I don't use it, but ... I see from the Debian installation 
instructions, where we create a texlive-local.deb, that xindy is mentioned. 
Would it inconvenience other users who might want it?

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