[tex-live] Raspbian texlive

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Sep 11 00:26:25 CEST 2012

Hi Simon (and Boris),

    S> But 2012 hasn't got the armhf binaries

I'm sorry, but the distinction between the plethora of arm* platforms,
and which are compatible with which others, simply cannot get into my
brain.  I've never seen any comprehensible description of the names, for

    B> but LuaTeX seems to have problems since it uses floating
    point, which is implemented on armhf in a peculiar way.

If possible, it seems to me it would be good for that to be fixed by
making luatex work in any case.

But I'm guessing there are other reasons to have armhf anyway.  (Mojca
wrote about this topic too, but then as now, any understandable
conclusions escaped me.  Sorry.)

At any rate, next year there will be an option to have binaries
choosable/installable from the net in the standard way which are not on
the DVD.  So adding more platforms doesn't have much impact.  (I'm not
saying armhf would not be on the DVD, necessarily, just that we'll have
the option of including more platforms in general because of the
decoupling from the DVD.)

    S> to supply the official armhf binaries for texlive?

If you want to, great, and please subscribe to the tlbuild list
(and further discussion would be better there, not here).

BTW, it's not required to build xindy and asy, from my point of view.
Not all platforms have them.  Or if you build them so that they have
additional shared library dependency, that's better than not at all.
That also is the case on some platforms.


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