[tex-live] dvips from texlive2012 messes up with postscript figure

George N. White III gnwiii at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 02:02:09 CET 2012

I can reproduce the problem using both evince and okular viewers with a PS
file created using dvips from TL2012 on Ubuntu 12.04 (x86_64).  The figure
looks correct in a PS file created using the distro texlive 2009 package.
It could be significant that the problem files are much larger due to the
inclusion of URW fonts.   This raises the possibility that the two files
are being rendered using different versions of the URW fonts (e.g., the
"system" versions from the linux distro and the TL version).

I recall some discussion of whether the URW fonts should be embedded in
dvips output to help
ensure that the versions used to create the PS file were the same as those
used to view the file.
Since the figure does not include the fonts, the TL2012 version may be
getting fonts different from those used to create the figure.  The
discussion in Paul Murrell and Brian Ripley (2006) Non-standard fonts in
PostScript and PDF graphics. *R News*, 6(2):41–47.
http://cran.r-project.org/doc/Rnews/Rnews_2006-2.pdf might be relevant.

$ ls -l example-*.ps
 52 -rw-r--r-- 1 gwhite bod  51789 Nov 19 20:06 example-texlive2011.ps
164 -rw-r--r-- 1 gwhite bod 166255 Nov 19 20:06 example-texlive2012.ps
$ grep BeginFont example-*.ps
example-texlive2011.ps:%%BeginFont: txtt
example-texlive2011.ps:%%BeginFont: rtxmi
example-texlive2011.ps:%%BeginFont: txsy
example-texlive2011.ps:%%BeginFont: rtxsc
example-texlive2011.ps:%%BeginFont: rtxr
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: NimbusRomNo9L-Medi
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: txtt
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: NimbusRomNo9L-Regu
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: NimbusRomNo9L-ReguItal
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: rtxmi
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: NimbusSanL-Regu
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: NimbusSanL-Bold
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: txsy
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: NimbusRomNo9L-MediItal
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: rtxsc
example-texlive2012.ps:%%BeginFont: rtxr

I renamed the original plot and ran (using R)

> embedFonts('plot_dY_SpT_zmh_nofonts.ps', outfile='plot_dY_SpT_zmh.ps')

With this change, the output using dvips from TL2012 shows the correct
labels, but rendering quality is poor because the "embedFonts" replaces
outline fonts with the outline paths.

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 8:24 PM, Volker RW Schaa <v.r.w.schaa at gsi.de> wrote:

> I have answered to Nicola directly with my (non)findings. As I produced
> a number of PDF files I sent them directly.
> The report Acrobat Professional produced in 'Compare Documents' didn't
> show any changes other then different fonts (Times vs Nimbus).
> For me all PS files converted to PDF look exactly the same.
> Volker
> On 20/11/2012 01:01, Karl Berry wrote:
>>      When I use dvips from texlive-2012, the figure in the output
>>      postscript file misses part of the axis labels and labels inside the
>>      plot. However, if I use instead dvips from texlive-2011 all is well.
>> Thanks for the report, and especially for sending all the needed files.
>> I'll look at it as soon as I have a chance, if no one else gets there
>> first.  Offhand, I can't think of any changes in 2012 that would have
>> affected this :(.
>> karl

George N. White III <aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca>
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia
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