[tex-live] dvips from texlive2012 messes up with postscript figure

Volker RW Schaa v.r.w.schaa at gsi.de
Tue Nov 20 01:24:57 CET 2012

I have answered to Nicola directly with my (non)findings. As I produced
a number of PDF files I sent them directly.
The report Acrobat Professional produced in 'Compare Documents' didn't
show any changes other then different fonts (Times vs Nimbus).
For me all PS files converted to PDF look exactly the same.


On 20/11/2012 01:01, Karl Berry wrote:
>      When I use dvips from texlive-2012, the figure in the output
>      postscript file misses part of the axis labels and labels inside the
>      plot. However, if I use instead dvips from texlive-2011 all is well.
> Thanks for the report, and especially for sending all the needed files.
> I'll look at it as soon as I have a chance, if no one else gets there
> first.  Offhand, I can't think of any changes in 2012 that would have
> affected this :(.
> karl

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